Covid 19 Update

As primary care is now responsible for all the Covid 19 cases in the community, we would like to request patience and understanding as to how and when you will be seen.

We are currently experiencing high levels of cases and anticipating this to rise rapidly so it may be a delay before you can get an appointment with a GP or nurse while we deal with this surge – If something urgent or concerning occurs please do not hesitate to call to discuss this as we will endeavor to see you - 04 472 6024.

For childhood immunisations please book as usual as we will continue to prioritise these appointments.

Some handy things for COVID 19 and your family

For most (immunised) people who do contract Covid-19 particularly the Omicron variant, it is a mild illness and there is useful info and advice below:

Most patients will be able to care for themselves without the need for input from health professionals but please be aware of the following:

Call 111 if you:

  • have severe trouble breathing or severe chest pain
  • are very confused or not thinking clearly
  • feel faint or pass out (lose consciousness)

Call your healthcare team if:

  • you have new or more trouble breathing
  • your symptoms are getting worse
  • you start getting better and then get worse
  • you have symptoms of severe dehydration such as:
    • having a very dry mouth
    • passing only a little urine (pee)
    • feeling very light-headed

You may experience very mild or no symptoms:

  • It is important to stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids
  • Keep monitoring your symptoms so you notice any changes
  • It is important to avoid running, strenuous exercise and high impact activities until you are totally well

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